Quick Reference Guide: New Magic Online Banking Home Page and Account History Page

TheBANK of Edwardsville’s Magic Online Banking Home Page is a combination of tools giving you the ability to manage your money quickly and easily from one place. In just a few clicks or less, you can take charge of key financial tasks including:

• Check account balances
• View transaction history
• Transfer funds
• Activate cash back offers
• Pay bills
• Outside Accounts


My Accounts
The My Accounts tool puts your current and recent financial history in one view. Accounts are grouped by type (Deposit, Loans, etc) and are listed with account names, numbers and balances in one organized, easy to scan list. You can also click the Quick Peek link to view more details of each account.

Make a Transfer
You can now click the Make a Transfer button for access to quick money movement. It’s a fast and easy way for you to move money into savings to achieve your goals or into checking to cover bills in a few seconds. Make transferring money as easy as a click.

Now you can have the opportunity to put real money in your pocket. Presented within Magic Online Banking, you receive cash back offers based on the type of purchases you already make. All you have to do is click on the offer, shop using your TheBANK of Edwardsville debit card, and enjoy the savings. No small print, no coupons.

Make a Payment
Soon, this area will be updated to include simple-to-use bill payment features right here on the page. Until then, paying
bills is just a click away. Instead of searching for the tab to get there, you can click this link and start paying your bills in a second.

View My Spending
FinanceWorks users can see their complete financial picture– that even includes accounts they have with other financial
institutions. Your spending is automatically categorized and charted right on the home page so it’s simple to see exactly where your money is going. Each category can be clicked to drill down and review transactions.



Check Balances
Each account is listed in its proper category deposit, loan, or investment with its balance. All accounts are there in one glance on the home page. To view more details, such as recent deposits or withdrawals, you can simply click on the Quick Peek link. When more information is needed, the “go to account history” link on the Quick Peek view takes you directly to the main history page for that account.


Move Money Now
Users simply click the Make a Transfer button to quickly move money between accounts. With the simple view that appears on the home page, you select the accounts and the amount, and then click to make the transfer. It is an easy tool that allows you to pay loans and/or credit cards, move money to savings or add funds to checking all within seconds.

3 Rewards

Save Real Money
Everything you need to save real money on the purchases you already make. All you need to do is log in to Magic Online Banking to activate exclusive cash back offers.
Click, Shop, and Enjoy
Offers are located on the account history page. There is no need for coupons. Simply click to activate the offers you like and then use your debit card to make related purchases. The cash back reward is then deposited right into your bank account by the end of the next month. So simple to redeem and there is no limit on the cash back that you can earn.

Full-Featured Bill Payment is a Click Away
To pay bills, edit or cancel payments, set up payees or create recurring payments requires the main bill payment tool, which can be
reached by clicking the “Go to payments” link.


All Categories At A Glance
The chart shows users’ categorized spending over the last 30 days as slices of the pie chart, color coded to the legend which shows the category name, amount and percentage of the whole. Simply resting the mouse over a slice shows the same data in a pop up.

Drill Down for Details
Clicking on any pie slice shows the transactions in that category, also color coded and shown as slices of the whole.
Getting back to the main category chart is as easy as clicking the “All Categories” link. Users can open FinanceWorks with a click of the “Go to FinanceWorks” link below the chart.



Now you can keep track of your outside accounts, including your credit cards and accounts you hold with other financial intuitions. You can monitor all of your accounts right here in one view.


The new Account History page has been redesigned to make it easier for you to browse through your transactions. You can check your transaction history, see the cash back offers available with your account, or simply verify a balance; all with a new look that matches the new Magic Online Banking Home Page.