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Bill Pay on Mobile and Tablet apps

Getting Started with Mobile Banking Bill Pay

  • Before you are able to begin using Bill Pay on your mobile device, you will have to update to the latest version of TheBANK's Mobile Banking App.
  • The “Pay bills” tab will automatically show up in the Main Menu in the iPhone app, the main navigation in the Android app and the iPad app.

  • You will need to click on the tab to begin the Bill Pay feature

Once you click on the Pay Bills tab you be taken into the first screen of the bill pay feature...

  • For iPhone and Android mobile apps, the screen contains a list of scheduled payments as well as a link to "Make a Payment"
  • For iPad, the screen contains a list of scheduled payments on the left and a list of existing payees on the right
  • On all the apps, the scheduled payments are in two states: Processing and Scheduled
  • The user can click on a processing or scheduled payment to view the details of the payment
  • On all apps, you can choose to cancel a schedule payment
  • Processing payments cannot be cancelled
  • From the first bill pay screen on all apps, you can make a payment
  • On the iPhone and Android mobile apps, you can click on “Make a payment” button
  • On the iPad app, the user can click on any payee on the list to begin

  • To continue making a payment, you will need a valid funding account, a date that meets certain criteria and a non-zero amount.
  • The app picks a default funding account based on their digital banking history for previous bill payments. You can change that account at will.
  • The date needs to be a weekday, not a holiday and must accommodate for the cutoff time set by the bill pay provider.
  • After filling out the required details, you can click to complete the payment.
  • At that point, you will see a validation pop-up to ensure the details are correct.
  • Once you have validated the information, you are shown a confirmation screen that outlines the details of the payment
  • The newly scheduled payment then shows up on the scheduled payments list on the first bill pay screen


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