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Employee Testimonials

See what our employees are saying about their employment at TheBANK

"The are like a small community, everybody knows each other and we are willing to lend a hand at any time.

TheBANK of Edwardsville is a great place to work. The management and directors of the company have a real concern for the well being of the employees. They are concerned with helping our communities - and this backed by actions and not just words."


"It is a great place to work, the people here are so nice...every one is so friendly, helpful and encouraging it is a great your extended family but you like them better!

I love meeting with great customers and we have a great group of people that I work with TheBANK sells itself in great services." 


"Professionalism and hard work is recognized and rewarded here. I truly believe that those who make every effort to exceed job expectations, who appreciate and maintain their work environment, who perform in cooperation with co-workers, and act positively...will find career success at TheBANK of Edwardsville. I see it happen every single day"

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be so happy in my work place. Management truly cares about the happiness of their employees, everything from benefits to activities to facilities, you name it. TheBANK has the best interest of their employees in mind...we are truly a family and I;m just blessed to be part of it"


"TheBANK is involved in the community. I think it's important to give back to the community. Our customers appreciate what we do for them, and giving back is rewarding for both TheBANK and the customer."


"It is truly a family oriented bank. They care about their customers and their employees, which is evident is everything they do for the community and employees."


"I love TheBANK's high standard of community involvement and the people that I work with. TheBANK sells itself in great service."

"It is like a big family. Whether it's through good times or bad, TheBANK employees always pull together to help each other and our communities."


"Our Current slogan "Because We Care" is not only directed toward our customers but also for all the employees because we do care about each other."