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Kyle David

Kyle David

Vice President

Kyle began his career with TheBANK in 2007 right out of college as a part time teller. He joined TheBANK’s Commercial Banking division in 2011 and has since earned a Certificate in Commercial Lending from the Illinois Bankers Association and a Lending Certificate from the Center for Financial Training. He is a 2014 graduate of the IBA’s Future Leaders Alliance Institute and a 2011 graduate of the Leadership Program at TheBANK.

I wanted to jump into a career with a local business that would allow me to work in or near the communities that have provided so much to me. I knew that working for the most well-known community bank in the area would provide many benefits. I always remembered TheBANK as a place where employees treated their customers with respect.

TheBANK greatly impacts the local communities it serves. They have been a major contributor to many successes in those communities.

I measure personal success daily by one’s ability to make a difference in another’s life. I see my clients’ success as reaching a common goal that results in value added to that client. Empathizing with clients and offering my honest opinion, whether it is aligned with the client’s opinion or deemed as constructive criticism, is a value-added characteristic that I strive for. Sharing mutual trust with my client is most rewarding.