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Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Vice President

Lauren earned a B.S. in business administration from SIUE. She is also a 2011 graduate of TheBANK of Edwardsville’s Retail Leadership University. She began her banking career with TheBANK in 2007 as a part-time teller. After college, she became a personal banker and in 2011, she joined the Commercial Banking division.

I began my career in retail banking, which is not very typical of a commercial lender. However, I believe it helps me relate to customers on many levels, not just on commercial loans.

I joined the commercial team to have more of a partnership with my customers. I wanted to work with people on more of a personal level, because I truly feel vested in their business. I want to see them succeed. 

To me, success for my clients is when a business owner sets a goal, works hard though trial and tribulations, and fulfills their goal. I try to look at the whole picture when working with my customers – not just on the loan at hand. I want to make sure I am truly being a professional resource to my customers.

I find it most rewarding when a satisfied customer shares their experience with their friends – opening the opportunity for me to help others.