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Mark Davitz

Mark Davitz

Vice President

Right out of college, Mark worked as a marketing manager for a regional plumbing and electric supply company before moving to Chicago in 1991 and working as a mortgage loan officer for over five years. When he came back to the St. Louis area, he worked as a teller in a supermarket bank branch, where he worked his way up to senior vice president in their commercial lending department before joining TheBANK of Edwardsville in 2008.

I grew up working in the trades and have purchased and rehabbed real estate myself, so I understand what it takes to get a project completed and make it successful. It is a very gratifying to help someone achieve their dream.

TheBANK is unique in that it empowers its lenders with credit authority. My success is directly related to hard work and dedication. My clients know I work hard for them and truly care about their success.

I let my clients know that I am accessible at any time – they have my cell phone numbers, so I am available when needed