Magic Online Banking

Treasury Management

Our Treasury Management Consultant, Donise Georgeff is available to meet with your business needs at 618.659.4590 or toll free at 866.344.3336.

Online Cash Management

  • View deposit and loan account information.
  • Obtain specific payment and deposit information.
  • View and download account transactions to help you reconcile your account.
  • Save transactions or statements on your PC.
  • View and print front and back images of checks, deposit tickets and withdrawal slips.
  • Transfer money between your accounts.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Enter and view stop payments.
  • Process positive pay files.
  • Search function
  • Wire Transfers
  • Initiate ACH Direct Deposit/Payment files
  • Administration allows you to grant the appropriate amount of access to your employees, accountants, payroll provider, etc.

Positive Pay

Protect your company from fraud by providing TheBANK with a file containing a list of all of the checks that you have issued. We will verify that all incoming checks match the issued check file that you have provided.

Reverse Positive Pay

Protect your company from fraud by verifying all incoming checks that have been presented to your account.

ACH Block

Protect your company from electronic fraud by providing TheBANK with a list of businesses that you have given permission to electronically debit your account. If an electronic debit processed does not match the list that you have provided it will be returned.

Sweep Accounts/Investment and Lines of Credit

Sweep accounts can provide your company with a way to earn interest on your checking account. A line of credit can also be used to sweep funds to your account as necessary to meet your current needs.


  • Deposit checks without leaving the office. Make your deposit when it’s convenient, including after banking hours and weekends.
  • Check deposits are processed quicker by making them electronically in your workplace.

All of this is available to you through a secure internet connection. The equipment and training are available to you through TheBANK of Edwardsville.

Lockbox Processing

  • Process incoming customer payments faster, while reducing float and reconcilement costs.
  • Reduce your administrative costs, so you save on salaries, benefits, training, space and equipment.
  • Customized processing and reporting to meet your needs.
  • Automates and streamlines corporate finance, accounting, posting of cash to accounts receivables and customer service operations.
  • Access images of remittance details, checks and related correspondence online same day.
  • Capture posting data to import and post payments. Permanent storage of items on a CD.
  • from a lockbox, process the items and provide documentation for your records. 

Business PayLink

Pay your bills or make any payment seven days a week, from any computer with an Internet connection! Paylink eliminates writing checks, addressing envelopes and buying postage stamps to pay your bills!

With Business PayLink you can:

  • Create a list of your own payees.
  • View a list of the bills you’ve scheduled to be paid.
  • Review a history of payments you’ve already made...and much more!