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TheBANK’s Early Years:
1868 - 1899
On January 1, 1868
Edward M.West
and his son-in-law, Civil War veteran,
Major William R. Prickett founded“West
& Prickett”--later renamed TheBANK of
Edwardsville.To put that in perspective,
when TheBANK was founded in 1868,
Andrew Johnson (Abraham Lincoln’s
successor) was President…the telephone
would not be invented for another eight
years…and the invention of the electric
light bulb was still 11 years away!
And in spite of the economic
depressions of 1873 and 1893, TheBANK
continued to grow and prosper–even
to the point of consolidating with the
Madison County State Bank in 1899.
What do TheBANK’s early beginnings
mean to you? It means that when our
customers invest their money with us,
or allow us to help with their lending
needs, you can be confident that they’ve
chosen a secure bank with a
of being the leading locally-owned
bank in the Metro East.
It also means
they’ve joined generations of customers
who have trusted us to be their bank.
We think of our customers as being a
member of our family tree.
a customer makes them a part of
history…our history. And we’re proud
they are a part of us.
Insurance Corporation (FDIC)–still today,
the best security for your savings and
available only through banks.
As a bank we take pride in not only
surviving but prospering during a
period of three wars and the worst
economic collapse in U.S. history. It
could only have happened by being
competitive and by offering the highest
personal service possible–a tradition we
carry on today. In the words of President
Franklin Roosevelt:
“After all, there is an element. . .more
important than currency,more
important than gold, and that is the
confidence of the people.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
TheBANK’s Innovative Years:
1961 - 1989
Cassettes tapes; 8-track tapes; CDs.
Calculators; word processors; PCs. Push
button phones; cordless phones; cell
phones…all evolved from the 60’s to
80’s and all were extremely innovative
for their time…and so were we.
TheBANK took its first step toward
an age of innovation by installing
a new fully-automated time and
temperature sign in 1960. Considered
groundbreaking for its time,
TheBANK became known for years
Welcome to TheBANK of Edwardsville!
Some of our
employees have been here for a number of years and
some are relatively new. But regardless of the years of
service, each of us will tell you that our bank is like no
other—one that prides itself on its history of Tradition,
Innovation and Community Service.
As you become
more familiar with TheBANK, you’ll soon see why our
history is so important.
By Grady L. Ambuel , Senior VP / Marketing
TheBANK’s Formative Years:
1900 - 1960
At the turn of the century TheBANK
of Edwardsville was already the third
largest bank in Madison County, Illinois.
And just like the Wright Brothers and
their flying machine of a few years later,
TheBANK was about to “take off”.
According to a local newspaper on
June 15, 1914:
TheBANK of Edwardsville, one
of Madison County’s oldest and
soundest financial institutions today
opened for business in its handsome
new five-story building.The area’s
first ‘Skyscraper,’ it is impressive
with…dramatic terra cotta.”
Today, the building is a memory, but
the nearly 100-year-old terra cotta is on
display at TheBANK’s Main Office.
In 1917,we continued our growth trend
by absorbing the First National Bank and
then again by adding a five-story addition
in 1925.In the midst of the
Great Depression,
President Franklin
Roosevelt signed
the Banking Act
of 1933 which
established the
Federal Deposit
Community Service…
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