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These innovations
may be commonplace
today, but each have
played a key role in
the development of
the many convenient
products and services
we offer today: debit cards;
internet banking; online bill paying,
mobile banking.
Our customers can always look
forward to even more new
innovative products and services.
That’s because, even though we’ve
been around for over 145 years…
we’ve only just begun.
TheBANK’s Growth Years:
1990 - Today
The growth of a bank can be measured
in so many ways but it’s safe to say that
most people measure a bank’s growth
by the number of its locations.
So how much has TheBANK grown in
its 145+ year history? For the first 108
years, we had one location in downtown
Edwardsville; in the next 14 years we
grew to two locations in Edwardsville.
Today we have 18 locations in 13
communities throughout Madison and
St. Clair counties in Illinois.You’ll find us
from Alton to Belleville; from Granite
City to Highland; on the Southern Illinois
University Edwardsville campus.
Is that growth? Is that progress? Is that a
good thing?…yes, yes and yes!
Growth is key to TheBANK’s history.
But regardless of when, where or
how we have opened new locations,
the “why”has always been the same:
for the benefit of our customers, our
communities and our employees.
Multiple locations
also allow us to be
personally involved in the
communities we serve.We
take pride in our support
of the many civic, school,
church and charitable
organizations serving the
surrounding cities, towns and villages.
We also realize that without our
employees, our banking centers are
nothing more than brick and mortar.
At TheBANK, having local employees
is what being a community bank
is all about.
Many of our over 375
employees live where they work.
We’re our customer’s friends.We’re
their neighbors. Our children and
grandchildren go to school together.
“The People You Know & Trust” isn’t
just a slogan to us, it’s who we are.
Remembering our history gives us an
opportunity to reflect on who we are
and why we are here: we’re the leading,
locally-owned community bank in the
Metro East whose tradition is to offer
stability and customer confidence.
It’s been that way for generations and
generations. And that’s why we look
forward to the future…with YOU as
our customer.
thereafter as the bank “At the Time and
Temperature Corner”. When TheBANK
constructed a sidewalk teller window
in 1961 and introduced five drive-up
lanes at its new Main Office in 1972,
these innovations were considered
revolutionary. From that point on,
mission has always been to offer
the most innovative and convenient
products, services and locations to
our customers.
Although it seems there are banks on
every corner today, it wasn’t until 1976
that a state law was passed allowing
banks to establish a branch within a few
miles of its home office; our Montclaire
Center opened later that year.
TheBANK was also one of the first in the
area to introduce an ATM and ATM cards
in 1977. Our first 24-hour drive-up
ATM, installed in 1981, was one
of the first of its kind in Illinois.We were
also the first in the midwest to offer
the option of buying postage stamps
through our ATMs.
Another innovative step by TheBANK
occurred with the introduction of Magic
Phone Banking in 1988. A totally unique
service in the region at the time, our
still popular
Magic Phone
service allows
customers 24-hour access to their
accounts through any touchtone phone.
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