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Easy Ways to Get Yourself
in the Saving Habit
Here are a few quick ways to save
some cash quickly—and not think
about it too much:
Empty your pockets.
At the
end of each day, stash all loose
change in a jar or piggy bank.
You’ll probably bank a dollar or
two a day.
Use your coupons.
to use coupons only for the
things you would normally buy.
Take the money you saved and
stash it away. This could add up
to almost $2 a day.
Stash a dollar a wash.
Whenever you do a load of
laundry, put a dollar in a jar.
Use the accumulated money to
pay your electric bill and buy
laundry detergent.
What Would You Do
with Some Extra Cash?
Money may not let you buy
happiness, but a few extra dollars
would certainly help, right? An
AARP survey of more than 4,000
Americans age 35 and up asked
people what they would do with
an extra $100. The majority said
they would use the cash to pay
bills, buy groceries and gas, and
spend a little on gifts. Others
indicated they might donate the
extra money to their church, a
charity, or family members.
An extra $10,000 would make a
bigger difference, although most
of the survey participants did say
they were likely to pay off large-
scale bills. Still, many also dreamed
of big-ticket items like vacations,
new homes, and nicer cars.
numbers in the news
Staying in shape as you grow older
is important to your overall good
health. One area that’s sometimes
overlooked is balance. You don’t
want to injure yourself by falling
over at any age, but as you grow
older, your risk of a broken or frac-
tured bone becomes greater, with
more serious consequences.
Start working on maintaining
your balance now with these
simple exercises:
Stand on one foot.
Holding on to
a chair or nearby wall if necessary,
stand on one foot for 10 seconds.
Then switch to the other foot. Do
this 10 times.
Walk heel to toe.
Stride in a
straight line for 20 steps, heel
to toe, as if you’re taking a
sobriety test.
Swing your legs.
Standing with
your arms at your sides, lift one
leg to about 45 degrees in front
of you and then slowly swing it
back. Try this 10 times, then
switch to your other leg.
Important: Check with your
doctor if you find that your
balance is severely impaired.
It could be the result of
an ear infection or some
other medical condition.
All Life Long
A Father's Role Today:
More than Money
What’s a good father’s main job?
The days of simply supporting
his family financially may be over,
according to a Pew Research Center
report. Asked what’s “extremely
important” for a father to provide, a
telephone survey of 1,004 American
adults got these findings:
Values and morals:
58 percent
Emotional support:
52 percent
47 percent
41 percent
The results follow a similar trend for
mothers, with “values and morals” at
the top and “income” coming in last.
Stay in Balance
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