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For your mortgage loan needs, select the loan officer from your closest convenient banking location.

Main Office - Edwardsville

Glen Carbon Center/Route 157

John McDole Patti Dieu

Alton Center

Glen Carbon Center/Route 159

Jeremy Streif   |  Sandy Smith Ryan Weis

Bethalto Center

Granite City Center/Maryville Road

Jeremy Streif   |  Sandy Smith Kent Schmitz

Belleville Center/South Green Mount Road

Granite City Center/Nameoki Road

Jason Ashford   |  Jacinta Stubbs-Smith Kent Schmitz

Belleville Center/West Main

Highland Center

Dave DeMond   |   Jacinta Stubbs-Smith Jack McDole


O'Fallon Center

Meddie Garreau  |  Dale McDermott
Kimberly Poe  | Alex Schallert  |  John Sherbno
Marc Laidley  |  Deonte Cannon
Jason Ashford   |  Jacinta Stubbs-Smith


St. Charles Center/Loan Production Office

Dave DeMond Meddie Garreau  |  Dale McDermott
Kimberly Poe  | Alex Schallert  |  John Sherbno
Marc Laidley  |  Deonte Cannon



Jack McDole Dave DeMond   |   Jacinta Stubbs-Smith

Edwardsville Center/Troy Road


Patti Dieu Ryan Weis

Fairmont Center

Wood River Center

Dave DeMond  |  Kent Schmitz  |  Sandy Smith  Kent Schmitz   |  Sandy Smith

Mycommunity Home Loan

TheBANK of Edwardsville developed the MyCOMMUNITY Home Loan Program to help assist individuals who may not qualify for traditional banking products but hope to own a home. The MyCOMMUNITY Home Loan Program offers special loan terms and qualifications to help you build and establish a record of payment, as well as other benefits to help you through the mortgage process. 

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Madison County St. Clair County St. Louis City and County
Sandy Smith
CRA Residential Lender
Phone: 618-606-0632
NMLS# 616465
Jacinta Stubbs-Smith
CRA Residential Lender
Phone - 618.257.3239
NMLS ID: 414073

Marc Laidley
CRA Residential Lender
Phone - 314.960.9967
NMLS ID: 1511203

Deonte Cannon
CRA Residential Lender
Phone - 636.352.6755
NMLS ID: 611061