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Cynthia Jordan
Cynthia Jordan
CRA Residential Lender
Phone - 314.797.6805
NMLS ID: 1556382
Clayton Center
7700 Bonhomme Ave
Suite 100
Clayton, MO 63105

I define success for my clients as achieving their financial objectives and knowing they are happy with it. My goal is to be able to improve their overall financial quality of life – to lift the community’s previously under-served financial aptitude, putting them in position to accumulate wealth or assets for themselves and their families. 

One way I’ve added valued in my client relationships is by never losing sight of my client’s or the community’s financial needs. As a mortgage loan originator for TheBANK, I can rely on my financial and community development expertise to address their needs. 

My reward is seeing my clients attain the financial goals we worked on together. That, in itself, adds value to me as a professional and it helps to build my reputation. I love knowing that my clients are in a better financial position as a result of our trusted relationship. Banking is a service-oriented profession and has been since its inception. We serve people! Being cognizant of that will always set you apart.

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Cynthia Jordan