Magic Online Banking


Yes! You’re ready for your first Account! TheBANK of Edwardsville’s MyiBANK account – an account for teens and young adults (up to age 26) – provides the first steps toward teaching teens and young adults to take ownership of making sound financial choices.

The MyiBANK account was designed with their individual priorities in mind – teens and young adults want to be independent, and they want to be involved in the decisions that impact their lives.

With the MyiBANK account teens and young adults will:

  • Take responsibility for the money you earn
  • Learn to invest in and save for the future
  • Establish and build credit history with TheBANK's Credit Builder Program (Must be 18 years old)
  • Keep track of and monitor spending habits
  • Benefit from online financial tips and instruction

What you need to open an MyiBANK's Easy as 1...2...3

1) Identification

Under 18 You will need 2 of the following: Driver's License, State ID, Birth Certificate, School ID, Social Security Card.

18 and Older State ID or Driver's License, and one of the following: Birth Certificate, School ID, Social Security Card

2) Under 18 - Parent or Guardian

3) $25 Deposit

FREE Selfie Stick when you open a new MyiBANK Account!