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Federal Reserve Visits TheBANK

Anna Alvarez Boyd, Senior Associate Director of the Federal Reserve Board’s Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, and Bridget Spaniel, a Senior Supervisory Consumer Financial Services Analyst with that division, visited TheBANK’s Fairmont City Center.

Anna and Bridget are in St. Louis visiting various sites in the metro area and stopped in Fairmont City to speak with TheBANK’s Senior Vice President of Retail Banking Rob Schwartz, AVP Sandy Smith, AVP/Retail Banking Area Manager Lawrence Jackson, Assistant Center Manager Marisa Buffa and the Fairmont City Center staff. They spoke about how TheBANK is meeting the financial needs of the local community. TheBANK’s guests were intrigued as well how the collaboration between TheBANK and the library worked so well to benefit the community.

Also in attendance was Katie Heaton, Fairmont City Library Center Manager and Robert Hopkins, regional executive and senior vice president of the Little Rock Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Opened in 2015, the Fairmont City Center is the first fully bilingual bank in the St. Louis metro area, serving a community that is 70 percent Hispanic and where nearly 40 percent of the residents live below the poverty level.  Before the banking center opened, residents relied on grocery and check cashing stores for the financial needs. Now the town of 2,500 has a full-service bank – a place to cash checks, open checking accounts, save money, and apply for loans. 

Federal Reserve Board Fairmont City Visit