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Financial Empowerment Series May Graduation

Ten parents of students at the Bluffview Head Start Center graduated from second session of TheBANK of Edwardsville’s Financial Empowerment Series today. The program, led by TheBANK’s CRA Officer, Nikki Woelfel, consisted of five weeks of financial education classes that covered budgeting, debt, credit, savings, credit scores, saving for a home or towards retirement and many other financial topics.  This session was unique from the first session in that all of the classes were taught in Spanish to Spanish-speaking parents. Thank you to our Spanish-speaking employees/instructors – without them we definitely couldn’t have pulled this off!

Each participant signed a contract the first week committing to attend each of the five week classes. As part of the contract, the graduates received a $50 gift card to the grocery store of their choice. TheBANK also opened a Bright Start Illinois 529 College Savings account with $150 for their child. The goal of the series was to empower the parents with the financial skills necessary to put their families on a path to financial peace and security. During the graduation ceremony Sandy Smith and Victor Ortiz-Marquez, two of our instructors for the session, attended to help celebrate the parents’ accomplishments. Other Spanish-speaking bank volunteers include Minerva Boites, Marisa Buffa, Marc Laidley, and Jorge Medina. 

To all of the graduates … TheBANK offers congratulations and continued success towards your financial goals!

Bluffview May Graduation