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TheBANK Recognizes The Leadership University Graduates

Congratulations to the recent graduates of TheBANK’s Leadership University program! Commonly known as “Leadership U”, the program is a unique 14 month program created by TheBANK to develop future leaders by exposing them to opportunities they would not otherwise have in their existing positions. Candidates apply to the program and once selected, begin a journey of career enhancement. Over the course of the program, they are assigned a mentor who guides them along the way. Within the program students evaluate their strengths and areas for improvement as well as their leadership style.

They complete several training courses during the program about banking, leadership, and conducting meetings, read leadership books, volunteer their time in the community, and run a project. The highlight of the program includes shadowing the branches and learning the inter-workings of the various departments across TheBANK. The students also meet with the senior management team and President. The program capstone is the creation of a strategic plan for TheBANK which is presented to senior management. Congratulations to these students for all their hard work over the past 14 months!

Past graduates furthered their careers at TheBANK to include management, commercial lending, and other officer positions.

The 2017 Class of Leadership University