Magic Online Banking

Touch ID FAQs

What is TouchID?
Touch ID is a simple, secure way for you to access your banking accounts with your Apple iPhone via our mobile banking app.

Is any additional hardware required to enable TouchID?
No additional hardware is required.

How do I enable TouchID on TheBANK's Mobile Banking App?
Upon successful logon into TheBANK’s Mobile Banking App with your username and password on a Touch ID-supported iPhone, you will receive a prompt asking you if would like to start using TouchID to log in.

  • If accepted, you will be able to log in with TouchID the next time the Mobile Banking App is opened.  You also will be prompted to verify your fingerprint for additional security.
  • If not accepted, you will be prompted one more time after 30 days. After the 30-day period, if you want to enable TouchID, it can be enabled from the Settings menu in the Mobile Banking App.

Will I be able to use TouchID on my iPad?
Not at the current time but there are future plans for that device later this year.

Will I be able log in with my username and password if I have enabled TouchID?
Yes, you can!  TheBANK believes in allowing our users the freedom to choose how they log into our Mobile Banking App.

Is my fingerprint information stored? Does TheBANK have access to it?
TouchID fingerprints are stored on the device and never leave it. Furthermore, they are encrypted with a key that is only accessible to the device. Our Mobile Banking App cannot access the actual fingerprint. It can only determine if the fingerprint is valid or not.

Can I still log in if my account is on hold or need a password reset?
If your account is on hold, you will not be able log in. However, even if your account requires the password to be reset, TouchID still can be used to log in. TouchID is an alternative credential for you.

What happens if my iPhone is stolen?
Log into iCloud ( and you should start the “Find My iPhone” app, select the device/s you have lost and erase the data on the device/s.

NOTE – If your device has multiple sets of fingerprints, the Mobile Banking App cannot discern between the fingerprints of individuals who are enrolled on your device. The assumption of the Mobile Banking App is that you trust all of the individuals who access your device through TouchID. They will have the same level of access to the app as if they had entered a valid username and password.