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Money Management

Climb to new heights with TheBANK's Money Management financial management tool. Visualize and interact with your money in the most epic ways. View all your accounts and transactions in a single location. Bubble Budgets that move with you. Learn where and how you spend. Receive timely alerts and notifications.


Know Your Finances - See all your accounts, including those with other financial institutions.


Track Your Budget - Bubbles help you understand the relative health of your budgets instantly.


Watch Your Spending - Every transaction is automatically categorized so you can spend smarter. 

Get control over your finances with the power to:

  • Add and view all your financial accounts (even from other financial institutions) - all from one site.
  • See where you're spending your money and track a budget.
  • Get out of debt and stay out of debt.
  • Plus, it's FREE, easy to use, and available now within online banking.

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