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Bryan Gorman

Bryan Gorman

Vice President

A graduate of Greenville College with a B.S. degree in Business, Bryan, began his career in banking in 1983 as a trust officer with Alton Banking & Trust Company, joining the trust department of TheBANK in 1997. Furthering his education, Bryan graduated from the American Bankers Association’s National Trust School and National Graduate Trust School, and is an IPPFA Certified Pension Trustee graduate.

try and use my life and career experiences to help clients deal with many of the issues they are currently facing. When volatile market conditions occur, the investment officers will prepare comments that help explain what is affecting the markets. I send those comments out in an email to each of my clients and offer them the opportunity to contact me to discuss how this affects them and their finances.

TheBANK recognizes the value Wealth Management brings to customers, while we work to build the business in our communities. I try to meet each client’s investment needs, as well as any other needs they may have, to build a relationship with each of them, if possible. I have developed friendships over the years with many of my clients.

My task is to learn the client’s financial needs, and then to provide services to them, with the goal of giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the resources to maintain their lifestyle today and into the future.