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Joann Barton

Joann Barton

Senior Vice President

Beginning her career in banking in 1984, Joann worked in the trust department of Edwardsville National Bank. It was a small department within a community bank and she was responsible for all aspects of trust administration – giving her an opportunity to learn from the ground up. She did everything from operations to investments to administration, manually posting transactions and hand-typing statements. She was later responsible for converting the department to its first trust accounting software system. Several bank acquisitions and promotions later, she was hired by Bob Wetzel to manage the Trust Department for TheBANK and has been here since 2002.

When former ENB bank president, John Fruit, called to see if I would be interested in becoming a Trust Officer, I was working for Dun and Bradstreet and even though I wasn’t trained in trust, he assured me that they would send me to Trust School. It was a great opportunity for me to actually begin a career and at that time, I could not have even imagined that I would spend basically my entire career in this field.

I was always looking for an opportunity to work closer to home having spent over 15 years working in St. Louis and Belleville. I was anxious to be able to get involved in more community organizations and events, so when I learned of an opening at TheBANK, I submitted my application immediately. TheBANK had always been so well respected and had such a great reputation that I knew if there was ever an opening that fit my experience, I would have to apply.

There is no one answer to what is special or unique about TheBANK. Many companies say it, but TheBANK means it when they say they are “like family.” People here care about you and your family – we are always here to help. The employees are so giving, I have never worked in an organization where people gave so much personal time to raise money for various causes. Community involvement has to be at the top of that list.  TheBANK is top-of-mind when this topic comes up. This is important to me as I believe that the more we give, the more we lift up everyone in our communities.

I define personal success by my ability to help others and my community. I am very involved in volunteering my time to organizations and projects that make a difference in our communities. I don’t know the author, but I love the quote, “service is the rent we pay to be living.” It is the very purpose of life and not just something you do in your spare time.

Success for my clients is to be comfortable – comfortable that I am doing what is in their best interests and comfortable that they have been given good advice that fits their needs. I find it specially rewarding when my client and I develop a true relationship – that this is not just a business transaction. I truly care about their well being and I know they care about mine. I have worked for small banks and very large banks and have seen it all. When working with me, my clients have the benefit of a well-rounded experience.