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Norma Bellcoff

Norma Bellcoff

Vice President

Norma has been in the financial services industry since 1987. She began her career at Argosy Gaming Company as Assistant Director of Investor Relations before joining A.G. Edwards Trust as a Trust Officer. She joined TheBANK in 2011.

I came to TheBANK because of its people. We are one big family that is always there for each other. TheBANK’s employees are some of the most generous people you could ever meet. They are always willing to give of their time and heart to help others where there is a need.

When I have positively impacted a client’s life, my own personal success goals have been achieved. One of the most crucial aspects of an advisor/client relationship is communication. I pride myself on maintaining very good communication with my clients.

An informed client is the best client because they become comfortable and confident in the competency of the advisor. It’s easy to communicate when things are going well, however in times of market stress, effective communication is paramount in order to keep the client informed of decisions being made.

Having grown up in an Eastern European family, hard work, care, commitment, honesty and trust are attributes that were instilled in me. I will always go the extra mile for my client in order to provide the unparalleled customer experience.